5 - 7 October 2018

Cinerama Rotterdam

From Northern Africa through West Asia to the Gulf States

The Arab Film Festival is committed to showing not only the politics and daily life, but also the beauty, artistry and humor of the Arab world. The Arab Film Festival presents the Arab world from within through its annual film festival in Rotterdam and various other events throughout the year.

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Festival Theme 2018 Announced: Changes through Cinema

We're announcing the festival theme and the first titles for AFF 2018!

And the winner is… (2017)

The Arab Film Festival granted 4 awards during its closing ceremony: best feature film, best short film, best screenplay award and the audience award.

Nice to meet: Shariff Nasr

Have you ever wondered who the members of the Arab Film Festival board are? Yes/no? Anyway: an interview with Shariff Nasr, one of our board members…
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