Rotterdam Arab Film Festival

The festival developed from the port city of Rotterdam into an International festival that takes place annually in Rotterdam.
Rotterdam Arab Film Festival is an artistic platform dedicated to creating a safe space for open conversations about art, human, emancipation and political freedom.

Every year, we select high-quality and substantively relevant films for our audience, in close collaboration with makers and partners in the MENA region.
This translates into our film offer that is broad and specific, breaking stereotypes, and providing an overview of the most important films appearing in the Arab World from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon to Iraq.


Rosh Abdelfatah Artistic Director

Henk van Dillen – Business Director

Anouk van der Ven Marketing & Communications

Awiska Manurat Production

Debelien Silva Lopes Volunteers


Ali Al-Jaberi Chairman
Tobias Bijl Treasurer​
Alia Azzouzi Secretary

Contact: info@arabfilmfestival.nl​
Arab Film Festival Rotterdam
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