Arab Shorts 2024
Sat 01 June - 12:00 - 17:00

Studio De Bakkerij
Various short films from Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Jordan & Saudi Arabia
Arabic spoken with English subtitles

12:00 – Arab Shorts I

In the short film program, we explore various stories, each highlighting human drama and the complexity of relationships in its own way:

  • 60 Egyptian Pounds (20 min) – Amr Salama – Egypt
    Aspiring rapper Ziad and his family have long suffered from his father’s violent behavior. When the situation escalates, Ziad decides to put an end to his family’s suffering once and for all.

  • The Woodland (25 min) – Firas Al Taybeh – Jordan
    In the wilderness, on their way to bury their father, two estranged brothers reunite after a long time, forced to make a joint decision after confronting the past.

  • Wishes For My Heart (20 min) – Shireen Magdy Diab – Egypt
    A delivery boy’s life takes an unexpected turn during his routine activities, forcing him to overcome unexpected challenges.

  • Farewell (24 min) – Ibrahim Hisham Melhem – Syria
    Salma is determined to return her deceased brother’s body to their ancestral home in another country, a dangerous venture that puts her at a heartbreaking crossroads when she encounters an injured stranger. Each film in this program offers a unique perspective on personal and collective challenges, with characters facing profound choices that will forever change their lives.

14:00 – Arab Shorts II

This diverse short film program takes the audience on a journey through different cultures and personal stories:

  • Bottles (18 min) – Yassine El Idrissi – Morocco
    In the old medina of Rabat, 13-year-old Said collects empty beer bottles to sell. He wants to use the money he earns to buy food for a dog he secretly cares for, despite his best friend telling him it’s ‘haram.’

  • Promise You Paradise (25 min) – Morad Mostafa – Egypt
    After a violent incident, Eissa, a 17-year-old African migrant in Egypt, desperately races against time to save his loved ones at any cost.

  • Somewhere in Between (15 min) – Dahlia Nemlich – France, Egypt & Lebanon
    Elias and Christiane, estranged after sixty years of marriage due to illness and routine, try to connect one last time in a dreamlike world where time stands still and the music of their first meeting surrounds them.

  • Cinema Al Dunia (15 min) – Amro Ali – Syria
    This short documentary delves into the world of Cinema Al Dunia in Damascus, exploring the current reality of the cinema and attempting to reveal its future.

Each film offers a unique perspective and contributes to a rich tapestry of human experiences, challenges, and cultural interactions.

16:00 – Arab Shorts III

The third film program brings a diversity of stories that explore both personal struggle and interaction with society:

  • Antidote (21 min) – Hassan Saeed Madlough – Saudi Arabia
    Ali, a young boy from the town of Saihat, follows a folk singer, Habib Ben Ali, with his father’s cassette recorder, as he tries in vain to regain his singing ability after a throat operation.

  • We Are Not Friends (11 min) – Fahad Haddadi – Saudi Arabia
    Humaid, struggling with psychological issues that prevent him from interacting with the world, finds an unexpected way to cope with his problems without resolving them.

  • Closure (22 min) – Mooney Abu Samra – Jordan
    In the vast desert, a determined young geologist is the sole survivor of a group of geologists after an unexpected climate disaster. Together with a mysterious traveler, who presents enigmatic challenges, she embarks on an introspective and transformative journey.

  • Phone Breaker (25 min) – Hamza Atifi – Morocco
    Jalil, a weary employee, becomes the ‘Phone Breaker’ and leads a ruthless vendetta against the telecommunications industry as revenge for his mother and to cleanse his living space of invading phones.

These films explore themes of personal rebirth, the influence of technology, and the deep emotional journeys people undertake in the face of challenges and change.

Studio de Bakkerij
Bergweg 283
3037 EM Rotterdam

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