Investigating Paradise @ Laaktheater The Hague

Exquisite wine and beautiful virgins – 72 for each man! Such fantastic images of the hereafter are spread through YouTube by salafistic sheikhs. In Investigating Paradise journalist Nedjma investigates how faithful Algerians think about life after death and how those fantasies influence daily reality.

The phenomenon Online Imam is sketched clearly, as well as the effect they have on young people. In western media moderate Muslims usually are invisible, even though they form a majority.

The film mixes documentary aspects with fiction: Nedjma is a character, but the interviews are real. In the lifely conversations relevant questions are raised, such as: why would one still strive for a better society or a happier life if all human desires are projected on the paradise? And what does the paradise offer to a woman?

Begin: 19.30
Start film: 20.00
Short introduction by Rosh Abdelfatah

The film is Arabic spoken and English subtitled.