The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar

Pantropical x Arab Film Festival present:

• DJ Duckfood
• DJ Chris Baas

Pantropical and Arab Film Festival proudly present the masters of the Rif mountains’ pagan trance sounds – the group of Moroccan villagers who have been a massive inspiration for everyone from Brion Gysin to Ornette Coleman and The Rolling Stones!

Date: Saturday 14 April
Time: 20:30 | performance starts at 21:30 | end: 02:00
Location: WORM – Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam
Tickets: presale: 12,50 | at the door: 15,00
More information: 

Tickets via this link

As residents of the Jajouka village in the Djebala hills of Northern Morocco, the Attar family preserves one of the oldest known musical traditions on the planet. Their music is recognized by the Moroccan Royal family for centuries, but also by jazz masters, rockers and influential writers from all corners of the globe. But it’s not just the influence upon western culture that sets the Jajouka masters apart; it’s the highly complex rhythms and melodies which had been taught by their fathers and practiced for a lifetime; skills which have been passed on through generations and have endured through centuries of struggle. The Master Musicians of Jajouka perform a variety of folk music – both ancient and new – on traditional instruments. Many of the compositions in their extensive repertoire are unique to the Attar family and their traditions in Jajouka.