Mesopotamia Festival @ Laaktheater The Hague

On Saturday evening 14 October, the Arab Film Festival organizes in cooperation with the Laaktheater in The Hague the Mesopotamia Festival. In the theatre room poetry will be recited, films will be screened and there will be live music. There will also be an exhibition of Arab artists from Morocco, Tunisia and Syria. The festival will start at 17:00 and will end at 23:00.

Enjoy the poetry of Remla Aljassim, Salah Hassan, Mowaffk Al-Sawad, Mohammad Aglah, ‏‎Mohamed Benslimane, Dianne van Faassen, Balkis Hassan, Sattar Naama, Saleh Hassan Faris , Mohamed Benslimane, Loubna Yassin, Khalid Al Najar and Majdolin Refai. The poets come from Tunisia, Syria, the Netherlands, Morocco and Iraq. Special guest is Salah Niazi, an Iraqi poet and translator from London.

The film program consists of a selection of short Iraqi films from the Arab Film Festival:

Al Sheikh Noel – Saad Al-Essamy

The film tells the story of a Muslim sheikh living with his grandson in recently liberated territories of ISIS in Iraq.

The Violet- Baqer Alrubaie

During the Iraq War, a child tries to find a way to help his mother. He meets a girl who helps him doing so.

Abraham- Ali Kareem Obaid

A Christian family tries to protect their daughter from ISIS.

Close Your Eyes – Ali Al Bayati

Dreams for a better future from a kid living at a dumpster.

Silence of the Sky – Jubrail Rahman Abubaker

Short animation about freedom and war as a statement against terrorism.