Festival Theme 2018 Announced: Changes through Cinema

Festival Theme and More: About the 2018 Edition of Arab Film Festival

5 – 7 October 2018, Rotterdam will host the annual Arab Film Festival in film theatre Cinerama. A cinematic journey through the Arab world, showcasing not only the daily life and politics, but also the beauty, art, culture and passion of the people that live there. Three days of the best films from the past year, made in countries from Northern Africa to Western Asia and the Gulf States.

The first titles..

Enjoy the musical nostalgia of Looking for Oum Kulthum and the romance of Until the End of Time. Challenge yourself with the avant-garde, absurdist Jahilya or contemplate the transition from normal teenage girl to suicide terrorist and back in The Journey. The culturally and artistically diverse programme features an equally diverse group of filmmakers: 50 percent of the directors in this festival are female.

Changes through Cinema

This year’s festival theme is Changes through Cinema, an exploration of cinema predicting and interpreting changes in society. And a celebration of the changes that cinema itself can initiate, both on a personal and a societal level. Fittingly, this edition also marks a transition for the festival organization: this coming March will feature an XL edition, marking fifty years of Moroccan migration to the Netherlands.