Selection screenwriting lab

The selection for the 2017 edition of the screenwriting lab for shorts has been made. The following filmmakers will participate:

Nuri Akalin, Navigation (Turkey/Netherlands) 
Rawan Alhusaini, Happily Never After (Palestine)
Humeyra Bagci, 7th Question (Netherlands)
Muhammad Refaat, A Chained Prey (Egypt)
Hakan Unal, Crack In The Wall (Turkey)
Farhad Vilkiji, Walking on The Suspended Bridge (Iran)

Nuri Akalin is a Turkish writer with two published novels to his names. He studied cinema at the Istanbul University and is currently completing his studies in the Netherlands at Zuyd Hogeschool- Visual Communication department. He is currently working on his third novel and on a documentary as a director.

Rawan Alhusaini is Palestinian filmmaker and audio visual artist based in Bahrain. Rawan is a Crossway Foundation Alumni. Rawan’s photography and video work has been exhibited in Ankara, Jeddah, and Bahrain. Rawan is the Winner of Art Jameel Photography award 2016. Rawan’s 3 short films have screened at UCB Multimedia Showcase.

Happily Ever After
Happily Ever after follows the journey of a Palestinian lesbian woman attending a local wedding.

Humeyra Bagci is a Rotterdam based film director.

7th Question
Mr. Hiddleston is psychologist. He is in his old woody room with his mysterious client and his full glass of whisky. Mr. Hiddleston has 7 questions plan to open up someone’s mind.

Muhammad Refaat was born in Cairo in 1987. He specialized in TV & Radio studies at Cairo University. His debut short film, The Kingdom, was awarded as the best foreign short documentary in the International Student Film Festival in Hollywood in 2011. At the school of Windesheim in the Netherlands, he further studied media and film production. His films include The Kingdom (2010), Street Artists, (2011), The Backyard (2014). He also worked as a producer in dozens of documentaries that have been produced since 2014 around the MENA region. As a writer, he fulfilled three short scripts One Pound (2012), The Walnut Plank (2014) and A Chained Prey (2017). He is currently writing his long narrative film that is based on a true events.

A Chained Prey
A domestic falcon who has a prestigious life at his owner’s house, surprisingly meets a wild falcon who invites him to leave his prestigious easy way of hunt to the real lifestyle of the free wild falcons. He faces the dilemma between comfort and freedom.

Hakan Ünal is a Turkish writer and film director. After having graduated and studied ‘English Literature and Humanities’, he started to work in photography and film. His first short film that he has written and directed screened at many national and international film festivals and won various prestigious awards. In his films, Hakan examines and analyses religion, conscience, crime and sin with Freudien Dynamics.

Crack In The Wall
Vahit is a 35 year-old puritan, night shift janitor who works in a hospital. One day, he has a dream of having sexual intercourse with a young woman and wakes up in sweat of blood. Why is the wall cracked after that dream?