The Arab Film Festival Rotterdam is an artistic forum showing a nuanced image of the cultural, political, social and artistic situation in the Arab world. We programme films about hot topics in the Arab communities in Europe.

By doing this, Arab Film Festival creates space for an open dialogue about art, human rights, emancipation and political freedom in Arab countries, in Europe as a whole and in the Netherlands in particular.

Dutch people with Arab roots get the chance to stay updated on the latest developments in their countries of origin in a way that goes beyond official media, mosques or their own social networks. The Arab Film Festival offers a good occasion to attract urban youth that generally don't feel attracted to mainstream cultural events.

The Arab Film Festival considers the development of young talents of the utmost importance and therefore organizes workshops and masterclasses by international filmmakers. Furthermore, we dedicate a part of the program to experimental films and developing talent.

The Arab Film Festival is organized by the Foundation WaaR Art and Culture. The foundation has several goals including promoting nuanced imaging in the cultural and societal atmosphere by producing or employment of audiovisual tools.

The foundation strives to realize its goal by a number of means such as:
* producing audiovisual tools and products and encouraging others to do so
* organizing workshops, art and film festivals as well as other events in which audiovisual media are preferably one of the employed disciplines and encouraging others to do so.
* all other visual tools that stimulate this goal.

The board of the foundation consists of:
Christiaan van Schermbeek (MA)
Carla Tjon (MA)
Hans Kleinjan (PhD)
Shariff Nasr

The team of Arab Film festival consists of:
Rosh Abdelfatah - artistic director
Kirstin Feberwee - managing director

Foundation WaaR Art and Culture

Address: P.O. Box 23467, 3001 KL
City: Rotterdam

Chamber of Commerce: 53196708
VAT: 850789448B01

IBAN: NL36 INGB 0005 2670 54

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The Arab Film Festival is a 'Public Benefit Organisation'.