Afterparty AFF

with Pantropical and A festival Downtown
Saturday  6 October, 23.00-late, Brasilbinkie (across Cinerama at the skatepark)
Free entrance with your film ticket of AFF2018!

End your Saturday Night by dancing the night away at Brasilbinkie with fantastic artists Ma3azef and Phil Battiekh.

Arab Film Festival is co-presenting a special DJ line up in collaboration with curators Pantropical as an integral part of this year’s A Festival Downtown.
Take a dive with into various current music subcultures emerging out of the Arab world with Ma’an Abu Taleb, who is the founding editor of; the leading online Arabic music magazine. There is also a special focus on Mahraganat with Phil Battiekh; a music style that spread from street weddings in the late 2000s to the wider popular music scene in Egypt.

Ma’an Abu Taleb is the founding editor of, the leading digital Arabic music magazine. With his editorials, interview series, soundcloud selections and monthly NTS show, Ma’an is a global influencer and indisputable tastemaker of contemporary Arabic music. He crafts club soundscapes that contextualise experimental artists but also contemporary subcultures from all around the Arab world, while being a driving force of the narratives surrounding the music he plays. In addition to his work in music, his debut novel ‘All the Battles’ was released to critical and popular praise in 2016 and appeared in an accomplished English translation the following year.

Raw auto-tune bursts, heavy bass and the cutting edge of a post-local scene are what Mahraganat DJ/producer and visual artist Phil Battiekh represents. Outside of Egypt he is one of the first to dedicate himself to Mahraganat. Battiekh’s upcoming compilation release “Cairo Concepts” curates and contextualises the impact and developments of the Mahraganat scene and examines the concept systems experimental artists have appropriated from Mahraganat and applied to club scenarios.

As resident Pantropical DJ, Chris has shared stages with illustrious artists and collectives such as Mdou Moctar, Gaye Su Akyol, Altin Gün, Sufyvn, Senyawa, and many others, which demonstrates his versatile abilities. He also hosts most of Pantropical’s irregular radioshows.


Pantropical is a frenzied concert/club/dance series focussing on rough-edged tropical music, rural folklore, contemporary club, global bass and more. Pantropical balances the new with the trailblazers of old, seeking out authenticity and new movements. They have been promoting a wide range of events and artists in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Tilburg, Bruxelles, Lyon, etc.

A Festival Downtown is an annual festival which takes place in the center of Rotterdam; this year on Saturday 6 October. At 11 different locations the festival presents a mix of emerging Rotterdam-based talent and (inter)national acts in the field of exciting, progressive and mostly electronic artists. Like previous years, most of the performances and locations can be attended free of charge. For selected venues a part of a ticket or passe-partout will be required.