Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim-Opening


Wednesday 11 October, 19:45h

This year, we open the Arab Film Festival on Wednesday evening 11 October with the film ‘Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim’. This Egyptian feature film from Sherif El Bendary brings two lingering souls together, who go on a bizarre road trip together in company of a goat.

Ali, one of the two men, is in love with his goat Nada, or at least he feels an overload of affection for her. Ibrahim works at a recording studio and starts to hear voices that frighten him. Both seek a solution at a healer, and they meet each other at his clinic. Since the healer diagnoses Ali and Ibrahim both as “cursed” and prescribes them the same solution, they decide to hit the road together. If they throw 3 magic stones in Egypt’s 3 main water bodies – the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and the Nile, their spell would be broken. Their trip confronts them with surreal situations.

This seemingly bizarre comedy turns out to be a touching tale about friendship. In a very subtle way this film treats themes that are pivotal in everybody’s life: self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Watch the trailer of this film: