Awardshow & Return to Haifa


We start this screening with the festive award show of prizes for:

Film / Documentary

Short movie

Public Award

Workshop for short film scripts

After the award ceremony we will screen the film Return to Haifa.

Film director Kassem Hawal – based on the novel by Ghassan Kanafani 

The Palestinian city of Haifa wasn’t expecting anything. Suddenly, It came from the east, from the mountains of Carmel. The shells flew  through the midst of the city  and poured  into It’s Arab quarters. the streets of Haifa turned to chaos  as terror spread through the city. The city closed his  shops and windows of their  houses.

“Safia” who had left her five – month old son “khaldoun” was searching for her husband  “Saeed” amidst  a searching flood of people. When she found him, they returned home, panic stricken, to rescue their son. Their attempt was in vain. The shells and British soldiers blockaded  them from  getting there.

Twenty years later, after the June  war of  1967 , the Zionist occupation permitted families to visit their homes. “Safia” and “Saeed”  returned  to Haifa to find their  son “Khaldoun”  now called  “Doff” enrolled in the Israeli  reserve. He had been adopted  by a childless Jewish family that had immigrated to Palestine in 1948.

Who is the real mother?

Who is the real father?

What is a homeland and what is the way to return to Hai