Burning Hope


Thursday October 12, 21.15

The action of the movie takes place in 2014 but keeps coming back to the depth of the famous night of January the 14th, 2011, a night of no law and all excesses with its share of drama and as much as solidarity . This fiction is in no way a documentary about the Révolution, it is all about the adventure of Houcine, Elyssa and Zeineb, three young people nothing predisposed to meet and who see their destinies irrevocably linked to each other by a tragic event occurring on that fateful night. From that point of no return, our characters will be thrown into a quest making them reconsider what they thought they knew about themselves and their country.

Written in a way of a trip between two times and stories of individual paths taken in the meanders of the great History, the film is an immersion in different Tunisian realities, each embodied by one or more characters, all connected by either chosen or inflicted links intertwine their lives and destinies.

Always keeps a fair distance, the filmmaking embraces multiple perspectives and reveals a complex reality, with no manichaeism nor simplistic judgments, but by showing how difficult it is to individually and collectively heal wounds of the past.


Stars: Doria Achour, Anissa Daoud, Achref Ben Youssef