Domino Master-schoolvoorstelling met Q&A


Last edition, we had a successful children’s activity for primary school students from groups 7 and 8 in which the Arabic children’s film The Idol was the centerpiece. Around the AFF 2017 we provide an educational program for which we use the movie Domino Master.

Domino Master is a short film about the friendship between the 11-year-old Aziz and his grandpa. Aziz learns the secret of a game and the gift he has from his grandfather. Grandpa Laid shares his memories, stories and experiences with his grandson.
ziz’s father and mother want to bring grandpa Laid to the retirement home but grandpa and Aziz don’t want to. Grandpa would like to stay with his friend Aziz.

Based on this film, we developed an educational program in which we pay attention to the substantive theme of the selected film. The full program consists of the following components:
An integral part of which the participating children get different assignments in their class that relate to their relationship with their grandparents and grandmothers.

In addition, we focus on what their grandparents mean to them and what they can learn from them.
During this gathering we give an introduction to the movie Domino Master and get the children to look for specific things during the screening ahead. Visiting the screening of Domino Master will take place during the Arab Film Festival 2017 on Thursday, October 12, 10.00
The filmmaker Hakim Traidia will be present during the film to discuss it. The children can ask their questions.