Year: 2018
Filmmaker: Hicham Lasri
Country: Morocco, France
Length: 94 min.
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English


Date: Saturday 6 October 2018
Time: 14:00
Room: Cinerama 5

In this tragicomic film six contemporary lives entwine, expressing all their melancholy, poetry, and violence. It’s the story of people with few skills, who are desperately trying to make something of themselves.

In a very clinical way, the film screams how important it is to reconnect with your emotions, to accept the mourning, the tears and the suffering. Which brings the possibility to feel once again, to exist, love and then love oneself. Jahilya (2018, Hicham Lasri) is an expression of disgust, of nausea. It’s a cry of “Enough!”.

It is the final work of the Triology of the Dog by director Hisham Lasri, begun with They Are the Dogs (C’est eux les chiens) (2013) and as the second part, Starve Your Dog (Affame ton chien) (2015).