Little Eagles


Friday 13 October, 18.15hrs, with Q&A

This film will be screened with a short film before this feature film.

Mohamed, the son of a modest worker, lives in Alexandria and dreams of moving to Cairo to become a filmmaker. It becomes clear that the relationship between son and father, whom Mohamed lives alone with after the death of his mother and the marriage of his sisters, is tepid to the extent that he feels no guilt when he leaves his father all by himself and goes to Cairo. There, he gets to know Salma and Bassam, in whom he feels he finds what he lacked in himself; namely self-confidence. After learning that both were born to seventies leftist parents who opposed an unjust state regime, he begins to search his father’s history in order to find something interesting to recount to them. His father’s life spent in nothing but work to earn his living and raise his offspring is compared to Saiid’s and Mahmoud’s lives, the fathers of Salma and Bassam, respectively.

Mohamed the filmmaker is led by this comparison to some answers, but, more importantly, to new questions linking the past and to the present that he and his generation are now living.