Path of Maryam


Sunday October 15, 19.30

Troubled widower Essa makes a pilgrimage from Basra to the holy city of Karbala in a bid to find a miracle that will cure his daughter Maryam (8) of her terminal cancer.
The pair hitch rides from strangers and cross paths with fellow pilgrims – all on similar journeys, all searching for their own miracles. Unsympathetic Essa offers little comfort to young Maryam, who struggles to understand her father’s coldness towards her, and takes consolation from learning about the history of the spiritual journey.
As millions of pilgrims march towards Karbala, Maryam and Essa are separated. Haunted by secrets from the past and unbeknown to the little girl, Essa has purposely abandoned her. Meanwhile Maryam’s innocence and faith touch those that she meets; Mohamed (16) and Hasaan (13) who try to help her find her father.
On hearing news of a terrorist attack near to where he left Maryam, Essa’s conscience is stirred and as Maryam’s illness worsens, it’s a race against time for father and daughter.