Poisonous Roses

Year: 2018
Filmmaker: Ahmed Fawzi Saleh
Country: Egypt, France, Qatar, United Arab Emirates
Length: 70 min.
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English

Date: Sunday 7 October 2018
Time: 15:30
Room: Cinerama 6


The 22-year-old Saqr (Ibrahim El-Nagari) wants to escape the smudgy Egyptian tanners’ disctrict where he lives and works. His 28-year-old sister Taheya (Marihan Magdy) wants to prevent this at all costs. She sabotages the blossoming romance between her brother and a medical student and also tries to work against Saqr’s future plans as a boat refugee in Italy.

The camera follows Taheya in her hijab, past the open sewer, through claustrophobic alleys where hardly any sunlight comes through. Poisonous Roses director Ahmed Fawzi Saleh pays tribute to the decayed district in Cairo that he knows all too well. With phenomenal shots of the towering scaffolding of a glue factory, next to touching scenes where the imperishable love between brothers and sisters shines.

The filmmaker studied history at the Suez Canal University in Egypt and attended a scriptwriting course at the High Cinema Institute. He collaborated on various documentaries as a researcher and screenwriter. His short documentary Living Skin (2011) was shown at several international festivals. Poisonous Roses is his feature film debut.