Respect for high schools

Thursday October 12


The Arab Film Festival organizes in cooperation with Art & Culture Foundation the Respect Film Festival. This festival forms part of the Arab Film Festival and showcases short film portraits of refugees that are made by young adults. On Thursday afternoon 12 October the screening of these portraits is open to high schools.

Festival director Rosh Abdelfatah and Amin Daci, director of Art & Culture Foundation, have coached young people from high schools in Rotterdam in making a film portrait of refugees. High school students usually don’t get to know refugees that easily. In the same time, they hear many stories about them via the media and social networks. Every youngster has dived into the life of a refugee and has made a portrait about it. This afternoon this series of short film portraits will be screened.

 Are you interested in attending this part of the festival with a school class? Send an email to ruthie.delwel@arabfilmfestival