Sheikh Jackson

Year: 2017

Filmmaker: Amr Salamam

Country: Egypt

Length: 93 min.

Language: Arabic

Subtitles: English

Date: Friday 5 October 2018

Time: 22:10

Room: Cinerama 5

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Sheikh Jackson portrays the emotional struggle of a young imam who, as a huge Michael Jackson fan, suffers from the death of his idol and the loss of his mother. It is also a story about faith and the relationship of main character Khaled (Ahmad El-Fishawi) with God, that shows the developments in Egypt and highlights the influence of Islamization on society.

The style of the director Amr Salamam is clearly present in this film. The filmmaker is known for the shock value in his productions. Addressing large topics and taboos, to then make them discussable in a small and personal way. Themes such as AIDS (Asmaa, 2011) and discrimination (Excuse My French, 2014) included.

The film premiered in 2017 during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Sheikh Jackson will be screened in the Netherlands for the first time at the Arab Film Festival 2018.