Skype conversation with Palestine


Sunday October 15, 12:00

Arab Film Festival partners with the Virtual Dinner Guest Project. Two groups of people from different countries get to know each other during a shared Skype lunch. This afternoon’s cultural exchange will be between the Netherlands and Palestine. Basic premise: it is harder to ignore or harm those we have broken bread with. Even people from countries in conflict with each other are brought together this way.

What if you could ask a question of any community in the world and get an answer from them in the form of a film? That’s just one key element of The Virtual Dinner Guest Project. No matter a person’s religion, race, or class we have all shared the experience of creating community around food.

Cultural lunch

A group of students from the Netherlands have been in touch with students from Palestine before via Skype for a videoconference call. They have discussed many topics and posed questions about Palestine culture to their Palestine counterparts and the other way around. This afternoon, both sides will show each other the film they’ve made about these questions. They will continue their cultural discussion over lunch.

The audience is invited to participate in the discussion and to watch the documentary films. Please note that there will only be lunch provided to the Skype group participants! The discussion will be held in English.

Prepare yourself  

Timeline of Israeli-Palestinian conflict