CiMENA: Sawah

Adolf El Assal | 2019 | Egypt/Egypte

CiMENA is a Rotterdam based film club for feature art house films and documentaries from the MENA (Middle-East and North Africa) region.
This evening they host a special screening of Sawah

Samir’s (Karim Kassem) dream to take part in a prestigious DJ championship in Brussels is shattered to pieces when his flight is redirected to Luxembourg because of a major strike in Belgium. The real adventures begins when he loses all his papers and gets mistaken for a refugee. The colourful film shows DJ Skaarab's adventures and new encounters on the way to recover his identity.

Director Adolf El Assal who was born in Egypt and raised in Luxembourg, wanted to share his personal experience: "While growing up, I was part of a very multi-cultural and cosmopolitan society. I always wanted to tell a story of a protagonist who lands by mistake in Luxembourg, just as my parents did.”

The film took five years to complete. With this drama comedy film, the director wants to show a different side of Luxembourg that many people do not know about.



29 March 2019 19:30
130 min
Room : LV6

Language : Arabic

Subtitles : English