Dear Son (Weldi)

Mohamed Ben Attia | 2018 | Tunesië, België, Frankrijk, Qatar / Tunisia, Belgium, France, Qatar

The Tunisian Riadh (Mohamed Dhrif) worries about his son Sami. He is about to sit for his final exams, but suffers from terrible migraine attacks. When the 19-year-old boy finally seems to feel better, he suddenly disappears.

Sami left a short note: he travelled to Syria to join a jihadist movement. Riadh doesn't accept his son’s choice and is prepared to do anything he can to bring him back, despite the several (financial) consequences.

Dear Son (2018) portrays the social context in which boys like Sami are driven into the arms of extremist movement. In his second feature film, director Mohamed Ben Attia – winner of the ‘Silver Bear’ for Best Debut at the 2016 Berlinale – confirms his status as a filmmaker who captures seemingly ordinary life stories with an uncommon emotional impact.



28 March 2019 19:30
100 minutes
Room : LV 5

Language : Arabic

Subtitles : English