Hair: The story of Grass

Maha Al-Saati | 2018 | Saudi Arabia

Abandoned by her prince, Cinderella is stuck serving guests. Meanwhile, Peter pan attempts to escape the body of the hairy grown up he is trapped in. Cultural attitudes towards beauty standards are unpacked in this satire about how hair dictates the social mobility of a caretaker and her intellectually challenged ward.
The film explores society’s attitudes towards human hair: desirable head hair, excess body hair that is viewed with disgust, and facial hair that is used as a definition of masculinity. Both of the two main characters are defined by one of these hair-related categories. Yassir, the mentally challenged man refuses to grow up and longs to play with children, but is considered a man due to his beard and is therefore viewed with suspicion when approaching children. Meanwhile, Nada, his caregiver is deemed ugly due to her hairy legs and her unruly head hair. The film sheds light on issues of gender, beauty standards and oppression towards the mentally challenged.

The film be screened with four other films, all competing for Best Short Film 2019.



31 March 2019 12:30
15 min
Room : LV6

Language : Arabic

Subtitles : English