Kilo 64

Amir El-Shenawy | 2018 | Egypt/Egypte

The journey of an ambitious pharmacy graduate who shifts his career and starts a farming business at Kilo 64 off Cairo-Alexandria desert road. Moved by the spirit of the January 25 Revolution, Wael El-Shenawy, 24, starts an agriculture start-up with the aim to make a social impact and contribute to the Egyptian economy, but not everything goes as planned.

Filmed over two years, Kilo 64 (2018) is a tale of two generations as it follows the journey of the young entrepreneur who finds himself in the same situation his father witnessed when he started a farming business on the same land 20 years ago. A simple personal story that tells a lot about what happened in Egypt for decades.

Kilo 64 had its world premiere at the Cairo International Film Festival in November 2018 where it was the only feature documentary selected for competition. The film is the debut of director Amir El-Shenawy and was nominated for several awards, such as the ‘Salah Abu Seif Award’ for best artistic contribution and the ‘Saadel-Din Wahba Award’ for best Arabic film.

Amir El-Shenawy will be present to answer your questions.

The film will be screened together with Wild Relatives



29 March 2019 16:00
62 min
Room : LV5

Language : Arabic

Subtitles : English