Look at me

Nejib Belkadh | 2018 | Tunesia/ Tunesie

With the opening of his own home-appliance store and a baby on the way, the life of the Tunisian immigrant Lotfi (Nidhal Saadi) in Marseille seemed solid. But the past catches up with him when the mother of his autistic son has had a stroke and he returns to his native country. The problems turn out to be more complex than expected when he faces his son, who completely ignores the father he has never known.

Look at Me (2018, Nejib Belkadhi) creates a moving portrait of a man struggling with confines of of masculinity, with what it means to be “a provider,” and, above all, with how to create a loving home. A family drama about the process of rebuilding a relationship between a father and a son.

Director Nejib Belkhadi's artistic journey began as a theater and film actor. In 2006 he made his international debut with the feature film VHS-Kahloucha (2006). This film has been screened at more than 50 world-class festivals, including Sundance. In 2013 his first narrative film Bastardo (2013) premiered at the TIFF, which got 11 awards at more than 30 festivals.



29 March 2019 21:30
96 min
Room : LV5

Language : Arabic

Subtitles : English