My Favorite Fabric

Gaya Jiji | 2018 | Syrië, Frankrijk, Duitsland, Turkije / Syria, France, Germany, Turkey

My Favorite Fabric (2018, Gaya Jiji) takes place in Syria, at the dawn of the Arab Spring in 2011. The film follows the young, rebellious Nahla, who lives with her mother and two sisters in an
apartment in Damascus and works in a clothing store to get by. She regularly escapes from her boring existence by sneaking away into a sexual dream world with an imaginary man.

Her family foresees a bright future for her with Samir, a Syrian immigrant in America. She, however,
has more eyes for her brand-new neighbor, who opens a brothel. Through news and camera images, we see how the country is slowly slipping into a devastating civil war.

The French-Syrian director Gaya Jiji earned a spot in the ‘Un Certain Regard’ section of the
latest edition of Cannes with her ambitious film debut.



28 March 2019 16:30
96 minuten
Room : LV 6

Language : Arabic

Subtitles : English