Samouni Road

Stefano Savona | 2018 | Italy, France/ Italie, Frankrijk

In the rural outskirts of Gaza City, the Samouni family prepares to celebrate a wedding. It will be the first party since the last war. Amal, his brothers and their cousins ‚Äč‚Äčlost their parents, their home and their olive trees. They plant new trees and cultivate the land, but there is still a much more difficult task left for the young survivors: giving memories a place. Based on this, Samouni Road (2018, Stefano Savona) sketches a family portrait before, during and after the event that has changed their lives forever.

In the documentary, the Italian filmmaker uses animated images to reconstruct the most unbearable scenes and to revive the 29 missing relatives, both adults and children. Black and white drawings alternate with interviews and revive a moving history.

It took nine years finish the film. In 2018 Samouni Road won the documentary prize 'l'Oeil d'Or' at the Cannes Film Festival.



30 March 2019 16:30
129 min.
Room : LV6

Language : Arabic

Subtitles : English