Bassam Jarbawi | 2018 | Palestine, USA, Qatar

After spending more than a decade in prison for a failed attack on an Israeli settler, Ziad (Ziad Bakri) struggles to start his new life in Ramallah. All around him has changed, his friends have moved on, technology has changed, social relations have become more difficult. With no education or job, Ziad risks to end up exactly where he began.

Screwdriver (2018, Bassam Jarbawi) is a haunting psychological thriller that follows a hallucinating Ziad as he struggles to adjust to his chaotic new world. His mental disorder halts his advances with two love interests – Salma, a young woman from the camp, and Mina, a Palestinian-American filmmaker. Ziad becomes suicidal when soldiers imprison a young basketball player; in the dead of night he hitches a ride that will return him to a more familiar life.

Director Bassam Jarbawi was born in Palestine and studied film at Columbia University in New York. He has worked as a production manager, editor, and writer. His previous credits include the short film Chicken Heads (2009).



30 March 2019 15:30
108 min.
Room : LV6

Language : Arabic

Subtitles : English