The Guest

Hadi El Bagoury | 2019 | Egypte / Egypt

A daughter brings home her likeable boyfriend to introduce him to her parents. An extremely interesting discussion over Islam develops between the guest and the girl’s learned father. From there the story takes a surprising turn...

The Guest (2018, Hadi El Bagoury) is an intellectual drama with comical elements, which evolves into a true thriller full of exceptionally surprising plot twists. The actors play a big part in the success of this time, place and action specific work of cinematic art.

Director Hadi El Bagoury started his career as an executive producer, then shifted to directing
TV commercials towards the late 1990s. He has also directed many successful music videos
working with Arab artists and the thriller film Warda (2014), which is the first Egyptian feature to
be shot in found-footage style.



28 March 2019 19:00
99 minutes
Room : LV 6

Language : Arab

Subtitles : English