The Healer

Mohamed Zineddaine | 2018 | Morocco, Italy, Qatar/ Marokko, Italië, Qatar

16-year old teenager Abdou (Ahmed Moustafid) lives on the outskirts of mining town Khouribga, under the protective wings of his adoption mother Mbarka (Fatima Attif). By learning how to read and write he tries to regain his dignity. Abdou is a helpful and down to earth boy incapable of harm. His life turns into a carousel of illusions when he meets the eccentric pickpocket Ch’Aayba (Mehdi Laarroubi).

The cynical Ch’Aaby suffers from a skin disease. Abdou convinces him took seek treatment from Mbarka, the neighbourhood healer. Mbarka protects her own privileged status by keeping the rest of the village knowingly in the dark.

With The Healer (2018), director Mohamed Zineddaine tells a gripping tale set within a society entangled between the past traditions and new ways of life.

He will be present to introduce the film



30 March 2019 19:00
Room : LV6

Language : Arabic

Subtitles : English