Mohcrine Besri | 2018 | Switzerland, Morocco/Zwitserland, Marokko

Driss, a fisherman, and his wife Zahra rush to admit their six-year-old son to Casablanca's public hospital, as he can no longer endure the headaches he has been suffering for weeks. The doctor diagnoses a brain problem requiring immediate action. This is the starting point of a painful and exhausting journey.

Chronically depressed, Ali jumps off a bridge; when he survives this attempt at suicide, he is rushed to the same institution. The destiny of both patients is in the hands of Tariq, a dutiful, overworked physician, who left behind a promising career in Canada in order to help the people of his own country.

Using the microcosm of the hospital as a metaphor of the nation at large, in Urgent (2018), Mohcine Besri probes the question of responsibility, both individual and collective.



29 March 2019 17:00
85 min
Room : LV6

Language : Arabic, French

Subtitles : English