Abu Bakr Shawky | 2018 | Egypte / Egypt

Beshay (Rady Gamal), a man cured of leprosy, has never left the leper colony in the Egyptian desert since his childhood. After the death of his wife he decides to go look for his father. With the few possessions he has tied up on a donkey car, he sets off. Soon, Obama, a Nubian orphan, joins him and together they start an adventurous journey through the desert.

The friendly road movie follows a friendship between two outcasts, who, among all the misery, are looking for family and security. Along the way, the two travellers face setbacks and discover how you can overcome obstacles with the right dose of hope, pride and confidence.

With Yomeddine, filmmaker Abu Bakr Shawky tells the story of the underdog, the outsider, the labelled nobody who learns to understand the working of a world that refuses to accept him. This feature debut by the Egyptian-Australian director was the only debut film in the competition during the Cannes 2018 film festival.



Room : LV 5

Language : Arabic

Subtitles : English