Raff special film events

Experience the magic of Arab cinema!
Arabian Film Nights is an initiative by the Rotterdam Arab Film Festival, offering a carefully curated program of films every month
that provide a glimpse into the Arab world, hosted in a setting reflecting the atmosphere of Arab culture.

Big Little Women

12th of April

Summer in Boujad

12th of May

Return to Haifa

Kassem Hawel - 1982 - Palestina - 74 min

Joseph’s Journey

Joud Saeed - 2022 - Syrië - 105 min

Looking for Oum Kalthoum

Shirin Neshat & Shoja Azari - 2017 - USA & Egypt - 90 min


Abdullah Al-Arak & Mahmoud Selim - 2022 - Saudi Arabia - 100 min