A Tribute to Sayed Darwish

RAFF 2023 presents two unique concerts in honor 100 years of Sayed Darwish

Experience the enchanting sounds of the Arabian music landscape with the Marmoucha Orchestra, DoelenEnsemble,
composer Martin Fondse and Tareek Band


First Part

Second part

Het Marmoucha Orchestra
Mohamed Ahaddaf - ud
Avishai Darash - piano
Emad Ghajjou - darbuka
Udo Demandt - slagwerkinstrumenten
André Felipe Lima - viool
Oene van Geel - alt-viool

Het DoelenEnsemble
Raymond - fluit
Esther van de Ploeg - hobo
Joana Lima - clarinet
Natalie Kulina - viool 1 a
Marina Meerson- viool 2
Charles Watt - cello
Joost Verbakel - fb/ elec guitar
Annemieke Ijzerman - harp
Maarten van Veen - conductor

composer Martin Fondse

During the second part of the concert, we take the audience on a journey through the Arabian musical landscape.

Tareeq Band:
Omar Nouilati - guitarist & singer
Ahmed Azez​ - qanun player
Hadi Alhumsi​ - percussionist

known for their diverse singing styles, representing the mixed rhythms of the Middle East & North Africa, including Cheb Khaled's Raï music.

Concert of 5 Sept - LantarenVenster Rotterdam

Experience the enchanting sounds of the Arabian music landscape with the Marmoucha Orchestra, DoelenEnsemble and composer Martin Fondse.

Then travel with Zakaria Ghafouli through Arabian Music Landscape. A unique singing style in which traditional music harmoniously being merged with modern pop elements, and will shine during this special evening.

A tribute to Sayed Darwish - concert - 5 Sept - Rotterdam
Sayed Darwish

1892 - 1923 Alexandria, Egypt

This year, we commemorate the centenary of Sayed Darwish’s (1892-1923) passing.
As one of the pioneers of Egyptian pop music, Darwish’s contribution to the Egyptian music development is invaluable; through that the music industry has become more accessible!
His unique blend of traditional Egyptian rhythms and Western influences created a new style that remains beloved in the Middle East and beyond to this day.

In honour of Darwish’s work, RAFF and the Rotterdam DoelenEnsemble have collaborated with the Marmoucha Orchestra and composer Martin Fondse, the Dutch National Composer for the year 2021, to present two special live concerts; in Rotterdam and Amsterdam respectively.

The Marmoucha Orchestra comprises talented musicians who share their passion for diversity in music; drawing influences from North Africa, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean region.

The DoelenEnsemble is a leading ensemble in contemporary classical music. For this special project, the DoelenEnsemble and the Marmoucha Orchestra will perform pieces composed by Martin Fondse. Fondse draws inspiration from Darwish’s work and gives his own interpretation based on his rich musical practices.
As the national composer, Fondse specifically focuses on music from migrants in the Netherlands, with a particular interest in music from their countries of origin. The musical pieces will be cinematically translated using archival material from the Arab world, providing a vivid glimpse into daily life and the profound impact of Darwish’s music.

During the second part of concert Zakaria Ghafouli will take the audience on a journey through the landscape of Arabic music. Zakaria Ghafouli, known for his unique vocal style that harmoniously blends traditional music with modern pop elements, will shine during these two extraordinary evenings.