• A passe-partout allows you unlimited access to all the festival’s regular films (excluding special tickets such as the Ladies Night and the Pantropical Party) for only 45,-!

5-film card

  • Buy your 5-film card that gives you access to 5 regular films during the Arab Film Festival. You can use this card for yourself or you can share it with others. The day after you have bought your 5-film card, you will be able to make reservations for 5 regular films. In order to do so, you have to register with the email address you used for buying your ticket. After that you can ‘buy’ 0-euro tickets.

Film & Nazar dinner

  • Experience a complete night out with a 2-course menu including a drink at Nazar AND any Arab film of your choice! Buy your film & Nazar dinner ticket in the webshop and collect your dinner voucher in Cinerama during the festival.

Ladies Night: A Day for Women

  • Exclusive Ladies Night with goodie bag! For the start of the movie you are already welcome in our foyer for mint tea with snacks, henna tattoos and many more. We will be screening the Egyptian movie A Day for Women, and actress Elham Shahin will be present to answer all your questions afterwards with help of your host Shida Kizou.

Skype conversation with Palestine

  • Arab Film Festival partners with the Virtual Dinner Guest Project. Two groups of people from different countries get to know each other during a shared Skype lunch.This afternoon’s cultural exchange will be between the Netherlands and Palestine.

Pantropical dance party

  • Vibrant oriental dance party in Roodkapje. If you are still full of energy after a long day of film watching!


  • The Cineville card is valid during the festival! Tickets can only be collected at the door.

Syria special

  • Saturday 14 October focusses on Syria. Make it a complete Syria day with A Memory in Khaki, Mahbas, Fires, Insyriated and Short Focus Syria & Iraq. The 5-film card is the cheapest way to attend the whole day. The day after the purchase of your 5-film card you can make reservations for films.

Palestine special

  • Palestine special on 15 October. A live skype conversation with Palestine and the films Stitching Palestine, In Between and Return to Haifa. Combine those with other films and buy a 5-film card. The day after the purchase of your 5-film card you can make reservations for films.