Voluntary work

Dedicated volunteers are a key element in producing the Festival.
It’s a great way to get involved, make new friends and see some of the best MENA region related films.
So we look forward to having you volunteer for Rotterdam Arab Film Festival 2024
30th of May - 2nd of June.

Application form

* Please ensure that the uploaded file is in either .doc, .docx (Word) format, or in PDF format.

General Information

You are at least 18 years old. Identification: You have an EU passport/ID card or an EU residence permit.

Language Proficiency:
You can communicate well in English and/or Dutch; knowledge of Arabic is a plus.

You are available for at least 1 shift, which averages 5-7 hours per shift.

You arrange your own accommodation and train costs.
We do reimburse the expenses for one train journey.

As a volunteer at our Arab Film Festival in Rotterdam, we offer you a great experience and appreciation for your efforts.

Here are some benefits you can expect:

• Travel expense reimbursement: If Rotterdam is far from your home, no worries! We’d like to support you by reimbursing a one-way trip to the festival.

• Volunteer badge: You will receive a special volunteer badge, granting you access to film screenings during the festival. You can enjoy the beautiful Arab cinema too!

• Celebratory events: We organize special events to thank our volunteers and celebrate together. It’s a great opportunity to make new social connections and share your festival experience.

• Meals & beverages: During your shift, we provide meals and beverages to keep you energized for contributing to the festival’s success.

• Maasstad insurance: For your peace of mind, we offer Maasstad insurance coverage during the festival, ensuring you’re protected during your volunteer work.

• Relevant work experience: As a volunteer, you gain valuable work experience in a professional event environment, which can be a great addition to your resume.

• Unique festival experience: You get to experience the Arab Film Festival in a unique and special way, closely involved in its organization and execution.

• Appreciation: Your contribution as a volunteer is highly valued. Without your dedication, it wouldn’t be possible to make this festival shine! Join as a volunteer and discover the many benefits and valuable experiences you can gain during our Arab Film Festival.

When you apply as a volunteer for the festival, our volunteer coordinator will reach out to you for an interview, through a phone call or video chat.
During the appointment, the volunteer coordinator will provide you with more information about the festival and the available volunteer positions.